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September 30 - International Translation Day!

25th September 2012 | Hits: 3794



The International Translation Day is celebrated in honour of St. Jerome (347 – 420 AD) who translated the Bible from Ancient Greek and Hebrew to Latin, as well as wrote commentaries to the Bible. St. Jerome is considered as the patron saint of interpreters and translators. St. Jerome is said to have been able to find a common language not only with people, but also with animals. Once in the Syrian Desert Jerome and his brethren were attacked by a wounded lion, ferocious of pain. Instead of becoming intimidated by the beast Jerome removed the thorn from the lion’s foot and healed him. Later Jerome tamed the lion, who abode ever after with the man.
St. Jerome died on 30 September 420 (according to other sources 419) in Bethlehem. In 1991 the International Federation of Translators (founded in 1953) proclaimed St. Jerome’s date of death as the International Translation Day. Translators and interpreters all over the world celebrate September 30 as the day of their profession.




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