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Our Services

Technical Translations

Professional translations to all Baltic languages.

Software and Website Localization

Software understandable to all users in the Baltic States.

Language Quality Assurance

Assessment of language quality in written texts, paying attention to fluency, style and correct use of terminology.

Terminology Management

Creation and maintenance of your term glossaries and terminology databases.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the order of calculating the price for a translation?
  2. What is the order of calculating the price for editing?
  3. How long does it take to fulfill an order?
  4. Do translation rates differ from text to text?
  5. What supplementary materials are needed in order to achieve high quality result?
  6. When calculating the price for a translation, why not all words occurring often in the text are considered as text repetitions?
  7. Why should an enterprise have its own glossary of terms and language style guides?


Translations approved by a certified translator

We offer translations from English, German and Russian into Latvian, Lihuanian and Estonian (and vice versa), approved by a certified translator. For these language combinations, we also provide notarially certified translations.


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Phone: +371 67847727


Our Membership

LINGMASTER is a member of the following industry associations and commissions:

Terminology Commission of the Latvian Academy of Sciences  

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